Our brand new dazzling textile industrial park covers an area of 18,000 square meters. It is the largest weaving factory in northern Taiwan. With it, the quality of product is improved, the production has grown, and we enter the trend of the newest textile generation.

Started with the shuttle looms, we now have over 700 looms (the water jet loom, TSUDAKOMA and the dobby-jacquard, STAUBLI), eight sets of machines to do warping, sizing and warp doubling. The number of employees has also expanded from twenty to a two hundred-scale enterprise. The annual turnover has robustly grown from twenty million NT dollars in 1986 to more than 12 billion NT dollars in 2011.
We have been managing our company with care for more than 25 years. We innovate and grow, slowly and surely, dedicating ourselves to it. We have become not only a globalized manufacturer, a service provider with diversification and specialization, but also a supplier and investor who meet our customers’ needs and enhance their competitiveness. We have won the trust of the users of our product.
All of our employees are the elites in their fields. They are active and intelligent, and they work effectively and innovatively. They are people-oriented, and they work together as one. Their goal is to achieve the prosperity of their customers.
Committed to innovation and development, moving towards the International stage

We have had strategic alliance with the mainland China clothing brands ‘LI-NING’ and ‘ANTA.’ Though them our gray cloth has been marketing around. In addition, we have also been assigned by international brands like ‘NIKE’ and ‘adidas’. Successfully into the international market through cooperation with the garment factory.
We are optimistic about the technological advantages of Taiwan’s textile industry and its ability to innovate. Taiwan with its prowess has been the R & D base of countries around the world, competing to seek cooperation opportunities. With the high marks among customers, we are now actively discovering new business partners internationally.
Taoyuan New Plant – the milestone


To achieve our goal, we have not only remodeled our plant into a spacious and air-conditioned one, but brought in 300 Japanese TSUDAKOMA new multi-jet electronic looms in 2010. Together we produce cloth with high added value, and the average monthly production performance is up to 6.5 million yards. Moreover, in 2012 we added in a professional whole pulp mill in order to market pulp axis yam of all kinds.

 Pursuit excellence and strive to go beyond

The classic ‘PRADA’ nylon bags and the ‘Lesportsac’ printing handbags are both proudly made by us and have been marketed internationally.

In response to the global economic market and the transition of the consumption patterns, we embrace the mass market by adjusting our product development and our service. We are now creating products that are environmental, healthful and with specific functions in order to meet the demand.
We have obtained strategic alliances and technology licensing via Chromuch Fiber Co., Ltd, and developed not only the solution dyed gradient color gray cloth, finished fabric that is leading globally, but also the woven fabric with 3D stereoscopic flash color effect that is unmatched in the textile industry. The products have all respectively obtained national patent certificate.
(Taiwan Patent No.: I 346724, M434073; Japanese Patent No.: JP3175729; German Patent No.: Nr. 202,012,100,873.8; mainland China Patent No.: ZL 201,120,281,546.0)

Enhance quality of products to create a win-win prosperity


Upholding quality first and service-oriented philosophy, adhering to the quality and service, we share the benefits of growth with our customers.


Our company’s goal is to promote the beneficial growth both for the customers and the company. We satisfy the consumers with the products, we provide for our customers, and win the respect for them. Moreover, we provide products’ information and service to those with demands, efficiently and honestly. We increase product sales with quality sales service.

Working towards environmental research looking forward to a better future

We have accumulated consummate professional technology and experience. put efforts into research, development, and innovation, committed to enhance and strengthen the quality and characteristics of our product.We expand the range of use, and develop solution dyed colored yarn for the warp or weft, so as to reduce the use of water, energy, carbon dioxide emissions, chemical pollution, and chemical oxygen demands. aim to reduce the pollution created by the bath transfection methods, and mitigate the burden for the Earth, hoping to leave a clean environment to our future generation.
 Coupled with continuing efforts to innovate, we uphold the idea of creating value for our customers with excellent quality. We believe we have won the trust of our customers, and our product has sold worldwide.
We produce gray cloth made with nylon yarn, polyester filament, and all kinds of fancy textured yarns that are separate and interlude interwoven.
Arranged in combinations of different specifications, the types of cloth are up to as many as thousands so that we meet the needs of the garment factories and the designers.
We focus on manufacturing and processing woven, jacquard, and many other kinds of cloth. We provide the gray cloth for garment manufacturing production, and produce plain weave gray cloth, twill gray cloth and jacquard gray cloth according to different styles of weaving. After manufactured by downstream factories, we produce clothing with high functionality and added value, outdoor appliances, stylish bag material, and medical cloth, such as nano-antibacterial fireproof medical curtain, anti-ultraviolet golf jackets and hats that absorb humidity and help release sweat
In recent years, we are involved with development and manufacture promoting health and environmental protection, giving our products more functionality.
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