Land bank of Taiwan finish 110 million syndication loan in contract with Sun shine.
SUN SHINE textile enterprise company limited main business flat weaving, and to cloth and the various cloth, manufacturing processing and raw materials and the finished import and export trade business, production clothing manufacturing with embryo cloth, according to weaving way production flat weaving embryo cloth, and twill embryo cloth and the Jacquard embryo cloth,, by downstream manufacturers processing making high function sexual and the additional value clothing, and outdoor appliances or with fashion sense bag material and the medical with cloth, as nano antibacterial fire medical with cloth curtain, moisture row Khan additional anti-UV function Golf jacket, and hat, Wind waterproof thin type mountaineering sleeping bag or jacket, waterproof breathable warm ski down coat pants, even PRADA classic nylon package, and Lesportsac practical printing handbag,, embryo cloth products mining customer orders production, to domestic mainly, and export supplement, main sales area including Taiwan and the China mainland, to, company long-term engaged in Yu business various fabric, manufacturing processing up more than 20 years, active strengthening technology and the products differences of, implementation International Division, master global operations and the improve products competitiveness, Trading should be available.

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